Appoint a Light Rail Advocate: Not Nowakowski's Chief of Staff!

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Two months ago, Councilman Nowakowski (District 7) spearheaded an attack on the South Central light rail.  As a result, the Council voted to force Valley Metro to study ways to shoe-horn more vehicular lanes into the South Central light rail project.  At the time, we were told that all federal application deadlines for the $600M in federal grants were not at risk.

But when that application deadline came up on July 31st, the FTA told Valley Metro not to bother applying for the construction grants if they don't have a final design. Instead, they were told they couldn't submit their application until the lane debate was finalized.

In other words, the South Central light rail project is seriously at risk.

Which is why Tuesday morning's appointment to fill District 8's vacant seat is so critical.  If that seat is not filled by someone who genuinely champions the light rail, then our vital South Central light rail project could fall apart as early as next month.

Last Friday, Nowakowski's chief of staff (Felicita Mendoza) applied for that vacant council seat.  This should put light rail supporters on red alert.  Nowakowski cannot be allowed to gain a second vote on the Council by appointing his chief of staff to lead the other half of South Phoenix.  If that happens, the South Central light rail will be on life support.

Please sign this petition to demand that Mendoza NOT be appointed Tuesday, and to demand that a genuine light rail advocate be appointed to the District 8 seat instead.

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