Stop the inhumane treatment of dogs in Mauritius in the name of maintaining a paradise!

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Port Louis, Mauritius – International Animal Rescue (IAR), together with PETA UK, has released shocking eyewitness video footage (available here) in which workers from the government-funded Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) hunt down, catch, and kill a large number of dogs. In spite of years of international outrage over the Mauritian government’s inhumane treatment of its dog population – and despite repeated offers of support from international animal-welfare groups – the country is still using a barbaric and ineffective method of dog control.

At the shelter in Port Louis, as many as 20 dogs are killed in full view of each other: while one worker throws the dogs to the ground and stands on them to hold them in place, another administers a hit-or-miss lethal injection through the chest in an attempt to puncture the heart. The dogs then stagger around and eventually collapse, while the remaining ones try desperately to escape by climbing the gates and walls of the kennel.

Mauritius promotes itself as a ‘paradise island’ for international holidaymakers, but it is a veritable hell on Earth for dogs.”

“One minute a dog – perhaps even someone’s pet – is seen lying in the sun, causing no harm or nuisance to anyone”, Knight continues. “The next moment, the dog has been caught in a net, flung into the back of the van, and carried off to a slow and painful death.

The only civilised and effective way to curb the population of stray dogs is to prevent more puppies from being born in the first place by implementing a comprehensive spay and neuter programme – which is precisely what we’re calling on the Mauritian government to do. And if dogs must be euthanised, the very definition of that word is ‘kind death’, yet the killing methods we’ve found are absolutely cruel.”