Urge Maverick Awards to ditch cruel wool

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Currently, Maverick Awards is one of the country's largest suppliers of athletic awards. Every letterman jacket offered by Maverick contains wool on the inner lining. Wool is a cruel industry that results in the suffering of billions of sheep. Sheep are genetically manipulated through selective breeding to have unnaturally wrinkly skin (Merino) and produce excessive amounts of wool. The excessive wool produced by the sheep often results in feces and urine getting stuck near the anus. This attracts parasitic flies that lay larvae in the unnatural wrinkles of the animal's skin and when the maggots hatch, they feed on the flesh of the living animal. This rampant condition is called "flystrike" and is fatal if left untreated. Even worse, the most common form of preventing flystrike is to cut off a large portion of the animals' buttocks without any pain medication, when the animals' are still babies. This process is known as mulesing. When sheep raised for wool become less valuable to the industry they are slaughtered for meat. All of this cruelty happens for the sake of a product that we do not need and can easily avoid. Please join us in creating a more cruelty-free world by asking Maverick to lead the way in making the athletic awards industry more ethical by ditching wool and sticking to human-made materials.