Give Donna Finnigan her classroom back!

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This would have been Mrs. Donna Finnigan’s 21st year teaching in the Mattituck Cutchogue School District. Unfortunately, her 21st year will most likely be her most memorable one for all the wrong reasons. Due to the decision to suspend Mrs. Finnigan, when the school doors opened back up  in September she was not able to welcome another group of students into her classroom that we know she was eager to teach. 

Mrs. Finnigan, in the past 20 years, has made a lasting impact on almost every kid who was lucky enough to be in her class. Her students love her because she taught the “whole” student and even they recognize that. She treats them like people instead of just kids and she develops within them a love of learning. She recognizes when students either needed additional help or to be challenged and she discusses with them how to accomplish that. Her goal in teaching is to not only reach her students on an academic level but also on a personal one. She understands that being a teacher is not only about academics, it’s about connecting with a student in other areas of their life. If you were to ask many of her students what their favorite part of 4th grade was, I am sure you would hear them say, “Mrs. Finnigan!” She has been described by words such as impactful, dedicated and passionate. If every teacher in this world was like Mrs. Finnigan, children would view school, as well as themselves, differently.

It is a great loss to the school to not have her in her classroom where she belongs. Please sign this petition to be presented to the Board of Education in support of giving Donna Finnigan her 4th grade teaching position back.