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No to masskilling of 2400 wild reindeers and their young

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Norwegian authorities have decided to kill a herd of over 2000 wild reindeers in the area Nordfjella after the disease Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was found in 3 reindeers in 2016/2017.   

We want to send a strong signal to the authorities that a masskilling of reindeers, using hunters with helicopters and scooters, and by chasing the animals into pens to slaughter them, is highly unethical. 

Another variant of CWD has been found in 2 elks in a different part of the country.  It is very likely that the disease is not isolated in the reindeer herd and that a culling of this herd will fail to have the intended effect. Monitoring the situation and the animals would be a far better solution.

Did CWD emerge as a result of intensive deer farming?  The disease was first recognized in 1967 among captive mule deer in USA and later found in more captive facilities, until 1981 when it was identified in a wild elk.  It is now widespread in North America in intensive deer farming, in the game farm industry and in the wild.  FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) points out that deer on natural range are generally not affected by the disease to any significant extent, but in intensive deer farming they often die rapidly.

There are other solutions than masskilling.  We ask the Norwegian authorities please to choose ethical, long term solutions instead of rushing to kill all the animals in the affected area.   We should look for ethical ways to approach nature and deal with animals without masskilling and extermination.        



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