Bring back Roxy in Kingsman

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My name is Luca, and I am a former fan of the Kingsman movie franchise. I loved the first movie that was released in 2015, with the likes of Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine in the movie. I fell in love with a lot of the characters including Colin Firth's character Harry, as well as the main character Eggsy played by newcomer Taron Egerton, Mark Strong's Merlin and the subject of this petition, other newcomer Sophie Cookson's character Roxy.

If Sophie Cookson's name is familiar with a lot of people on this website, it's probably because the campaign going on right now to have Netflix renew the psychological and sexual thriller TV series Gypsy that Cookson starred in. So it seems that anything she's in, has had some sort of injustice whether it be the show not getting a second season or her beloved character being mistreated in the new Kingsman movie.

I apologise if any of you are hearing this from me, but I have had the very strong fear since the first trailer for the upcoming Kingsman sequel - The Golden Circle - that Cookson's character is killed off. In the marketing for this movie, Roxy is never seen after the Kingsman HQ are destroyed by the new villain Poppy (Julianne Moore) whilst we see Eggsy, Merlin and even Harry - despite being killed off at the end of the first film - teaming up with Kingsman's American cousins Statesman. I always just thought that they were hiding Roxy to generate interest in her character and make people think she might have been killed, to then be pleasantly surprised by the fact that she wasn't, but how wrong was I?

Roxy is killed off apparently about 10 minutes into the new film and it is incredibly insulting how quickly they do it and the manner that they do. They wasted such a great character with a lot of potential, and it is infuriating, and I will not support this movie despite being such a huge fan of the first movie.

I am disappointed in how Matthew Vaughn (the director of both Kingsman movies) decided to kill off the sole woman agent, even though the character never existed in the source material for the original movie. It is very apparent now that he screwed up, as I have seen so many people deciding to steer clear from this movie because of how they mistreated Roxy.

Whenever I see my Twitter feed, the official Kingsman Twitter account has openly joked about the demand to see more Roxy and they even had to pull an old image of Roxy from the first movie to give her a character poster because there was so much demand to see her.

I could detail how Roxy was the one in the original movie who actually became the Kingsman agent out of her and Eggsy, to then only be thrown in the refrigerator to motivate Eggsy to save the day. But what is important is that Matthew Vaughn hears us, that we will not stand for a character that we love being mistreated like this, that we as the fans of the franchise that he has created will not tolerate this.

Matthew Vaughn, I know for a fact that you could resurrect Roxy and you either already have a plan to bring her back if there is a third Kingsman movie somehow or you've already forgotten her existence. The thing is, you already have the character of Harry that you brought back and the one time you bring back a dead character, fine, but keep doing it, you lose the audience's interest. Marvel kept bringing back dead characters and now the movie-going audience are expecting the actual dead characters to be resurrected in Infinity War, like it's a formality.

But you had such a great franchise that we came to love, and you ruined it. I could sit here and be all like "Bring back Roxy" and that is what I want, and also that other character who you killed off unnecessarily because we all saw potential for some amazing stories. I was hoping for comic book extensions of the movie characters (Not the Millar original comic characters that you loosely inspired the movie characters from), story based video games in the vein of the Batman Arkham games, I even saw how great an animated TV show could be when the Kingsman/Archer crossover was released on YouTube.

You have killed the very franchise we love. As for what you can do, I cannot expect you to travel back in time to when you began writing the screenplay for Golden Circle and tell your past self with that hindsight in mind to not do it the way you did, but perhaps step away from this franchise if all you plan on doing is being George R R Martin without the likability or respect to the fans.

I highly encourage you to find a fine line between satisfying the Kingsman fans and creating the story you want, and treat your female characters with respect as well as treating your fans with respect. Just because we liked your film and characters doesn't mean we have to be okay with every single decision you make.

I hope that for your sake and the Kingsman franchise's sake, you listen.