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My name is Anissa. I am part of a small community that watches the tv show Scream, the spinoff of the original movie series. Our community is known as the Scream Team, and recently something shocking has hit us. 

Instead of the original cast including Carlson Young, Willa Fitzgerlad, John Karna, and Bex Taylor-Klaus, MTV has announced that season 3 will include a COMPLETELY NEW cast, with a different storyline. 

You might be able to tell, this has rocked the Scream Team community.

We are not ready to give up the cast. We fell in love with Brooke, Emma, Noah, and Audrey, and there is still more to their story. There is still more we can see from these people. 

What the people and producers may be thinking at this point is, 'but is it really realistic if Emma gets targeted and attacked AGAIN?'. And youre right. It isnt. But the realistic intention of the show kind of went away after season 2 anyway. Slasher tv shows like this arent realistic, and continuing Emmas story is what we want to see. 

You are the producers and the writers of the show, JUST MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN THAT WILL HAVE EMMA BE TARGETED AGAIN. We are your fans. We will basically take anything you put on the TV show. 

Except a new cast.

Lets try and remember where we left off on season 2 of Scream:

Emmas mom had left a note for Brandon James declaring to 'Stay away from her', 'her' being Emma. The note had been returned to the mother with a smidge of blood on it, and hung to the tree with a knife. Suggesting that there is still someone out there. 

Better yet, Kieran gets a call inside of jail from an unknown person declaring they were mad that Kieran had used the mask.


So know we know that there is still someone out there, which does set us up for another season. But why are they going to be targeting another group of people? Why not already target the mentally exhausted and unstable group from seasons 1-2? They would be easier. As I said, they are both mentally unstable and exhausted. 

Plus what motive do we have to switch to another group?

Emmas story is not over. Brooks story is not over. Noahs story is not over. Audreys story is not over. And Kierans story is not over either. 

We are not ready to hear someone elses story. We want the original cast. 

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that the original cast should come back for season 3 of scream. Please share with the fellow Scream Team members you know, and lets make this happen. We will not stand for a different cast.

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