Your opinion is needed about Brampton's Heritage Theatre! Support the arts!

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Fellow Bramptonians and surrounding community members, this is a direct call to action to express your support and voice your interests about Brampton's Heritage Theatre and what should become of the iconic property. 

As of today, Brampton is becoming a formidable hub for the arts, entertainment and culture; these are indeed the aspects that are crucial to keeping a society alive and prosperous. No doubt, there are many performing opportunities for local artists  during the spring and summer months in Garden Square or Gage Park. However, during winter and fall and when ideal weather conditions are not met, nothing happens! Brampton needs an additional venue to facilitate these activities year round, rain or shine. 

After the opening of the Rose Theatre in 2006, the Heritage Theatre closed shortly after and has been in limbo ever since. For years, project proposals have been submitted to no avail and it is apparent that there is no clear direction to take with the property. Many are hesitant to get involved as there is no idea of the magnitude of public support and interest for the theatre. Hence, if the renovations to the theatre took place and the structure were reopened, would people patronize it?

Located in the heart of downtown Brampton, next to multiple transportation hubs, the theatre has tremendous potential and could serve as a multipurpose entertainment centre. Perhaps it could function as a live music and stand up comedy venue, host seminars and even a TED Talk? It could also function as a movie theatre, screening both blockbusters and indie films! The possibilities are endless, however it is up to you decide! 

This petition offers you as a community member a platform to voice your opinions and express your support for the theatre. By participating, you are demonstrating to aspiring developers that there is indeed an interest in the theatre and that if they decide to take action, their efforts will not be wasted. Furthermore, it is possible that your ideas could factored into their final designs! 

To captivate your attention, rather than making an ordinary brochure, I constructed a 1:87 scale planning model (95% scratch built, as shown in the picture) as a visual aid to help immerse you in the environment of downtown Brampton. Also, the model allows you to see that it is situated in a prime location; next to multiple means of transportation and many local businesses. Additional photographs of the model can be viewed at this link The model will be on display at the Farmers Market in the coming weeks and you will have the opportunity to voice your opinions in person. 

Additional information about the vision and inspiration behind this initiative can be found at the provided link: 

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. There is no doubt that as a collective, we can bring about change and continue to strive to build a better Brampton, and above all, a better community at large! 

-Matthew Humphreys