Safer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS workers

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As healthcare professionals working across different hospitals across the UK, we are worried by the lack of government measures that are currently being put in place to protect all healthcare professionals vulnerable to exposure to the coronavirus when interacting with patients. We would like to especially express our concern on the lack of decisive actions taken by the UK government to make personal protective equipment (PPE) available for NHS workers. Healthcare professionals in other countries worse hit by the pandemic are required to wear full protective equipment (including masks, face shields, gloves, hair cover, shoe covers and long sleeve impermeable gowns) when interacting with patients, but this is not available for NHS staff in the UK. At least 3,400 medical staff in China and more than 2,600 workers in Italy (8.3% of total staff) have been infected with the coronavirus, a heavy lesson that we must learn to protect the NHS staff. We need the current Public Health UK guidelines, in regards PPE, to be reviewed in order to meet the WHO PPE guidelines. This would reduce the chances of NHS staff would to become infected from the coronavirus and preventing spread of the virus to other patients and their families.

We urge that anybody who is sympathetic to our views to spread our message and raise awareness so that the government takes a more decisive measure to protect healthcare staff combating the COVID-19 pandemic.