Old Barbie movie style back!

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Mattel/Barbie make more movies with the old animation, Because Barbie nowadays looks so modern, and back then Barbie looked like a princess or a girl who was really powerful a girl you looked up to as litte girl. Make movies like for example Barbie as Princess and the Pauper, Diamond Castle, 12 Dancing Princesses etc, beside the animation we want also more dance scenes or singing scenes I miss this a lot, also the storylines back then were so magical! Nowadays Everything is so modern, I get it she is a role model but does she really have to be so modern and with all the technology stuff. The fact that she can be everything is so cool, but back then she was also powerful with or without a men beside her ;).  So please makers of Barbie movies make more movies with the old animation #OldBarbieMoviesBack