Help Bring Back Vintage Mattel Game My Meebas!!!

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Who else remembers this beautiful game from our childhood? If you never saw this sweet game as a kid, My Meebas is a toy/game created by Mattel back in the early 2000s... it's a Tomodachi style game where you clean, feed and take care of your virtual pet until it grows up and when it does, your Meeba (or a plushie of it) pops out the top and you get to keep it forever. They have been discontinued for quite some time, making them extremely rare when found or bought unopened. A brand new one bought on Amazon from the Wal-Mart online shop is a whopping 189.99... which is an absolutely unreasonable price to pay, even for such an cute and excellent toy.

Hopefully if this petition gains enough signatures and attention, Mattel will bring My Meebas back into production. And we mean the original, not some shitty cheap remake that isn't the same as the original. We mean it Mattel. Not a shitty cheap reboot. The vintage real thing!

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