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Bring back the old barbie! Her original look and voice! Kelly sheridan!

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For years every sense the first barbie movie Kelly Sheridan has voiced barbie and barbie had a certain look and now Mattel has changed barbie in everyway different look she is now appearing younger like a kid or young teen barbie has always looked older like she was 18 or a little older not like she's only 15!! We all love barbie how she is nothing is wrong with her I personally don't want a younger barbie she has been my favorite doll and movie sense I was a kid and kids now days deserve to experience the old barbie not this new child barbie the classic love story in every barbie movie is amazing who else feels this ? am I the only one? Bring back the old barbie she was perfect how she was! She was fun and interesting the new barbie movies are OK but they are kind of boring and don't really draw attention to themselves like the old barbie movies do and she doesn't even look the same she looks different in every movie now she doesn't need a new look barbie was so beautiful and always had a sweet look to her and she stood out now she's plain and is like everyone else that's not barbie! Her voice was so perfect with her too Kelly Sheridan was and always will be the best barbie I want this barbie back I want my daughter to know the barbie I did and I don't want to see the disappointment on her face after she watches the old barbie and falls in love with it and then sees this totally different thing its not barbie.

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