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Save Yellowstones Bison!

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Forty-four bison were just captured in Yellowstone National Park's Stephens Creek bison trap. The Bison in Yellowstone National Park were born in the wild and have grown up on the grounds of one of Americas most famous National Parks. American Bison have been in North America for millions of years since the Ice Age to modern day, they have been considered sacred to Native American's and they are a national treasure in the United States of America.

The problem is that ranchers raising livestock in Montana decided they have had enough of the bison, who frequently graze outside the boundaries of the park. The ranchers claimed they feared an outbreak of brucellosis, a disease that causes miscarriages in cattle and was carried by the Yellowstone bison herd. If an outbreak occurred, the ranchers would lose money. (The bison had actually originally caught the disease from cow ranchers that had allowed to graze in the park around 1917).  This is very important because the government wants to slaughter the very same animals that they spent an entire century to save from extinction.

Bison were once in the high 20 to 30 millions but when European settlers arrived in the midwest during the 1800's but were nearly hunted to extinction, but since conservation laws were put into place Bison today now roam in the 500,000's to which in my opinion is still a little low. This petition is to help these Bison that were captured in Yellowstone to first be examined by a Veterinarian and then if healthy set free into the wild and for the ones that are sick should be treated with antibiotics.

I love Bison and I believe that these Bison shouldn't just automatically be slaughtered because they carry a disease that was passed down to them through our domestic cattle.

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