Cannabis kills Cancer: De-criminalise For the love of Richard ❤️

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My youngest brother Richard died in May 2018. He was riddled with Cancer. He didn’t tell anybody: not his wife, his children, his grandchildren or his 6 siblings and the many nieces and nephews. He didn’t tell his vast army of friends and neighbours many of whom he provided indispensable caring and support for in an informal way. He must have been so lonely nursing this terrible secret unable to share with anyone but his GP. Why wouldn’t  he share this devasting news? It’s unfathomable because he was the worlds biggest blether and he couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended upon it. Sadly, it turns out he could and his life might have been saved if only he knew that Medicinal Cannabis kills cancer. If only he knew that many people who had been given a terminal diagnosis of cancer have survived and the cancer has been shrunk or even killed off completely because they knew about medicinal cannabis. Because they accessed ILLEGAL medicinal cannabis with all CANNABINOIDS intact including THC because you need the whole plant for a big job like killing cancer. You might get a little high on the THC but you might just beat the cancer in as little as 90 days if you follow the strict protocol and there’s no side effects; not like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is plenty of evidence out there to support the curative powers of medicinal cannabis for a range of conditions.  But our Government makes obtaining medicinal cannabis illegal. This is the bit I have great difficulty swallowing because the UK grows and supplies the largest quantity of medicinal cannabis to the rest of the world. Theresa May suggests that it has no medicinal value. Isn’t it ironic then that her husbands company is a big shareholder in GW Pharmaceuticals which produces medicinal cannabis for distribution worldwide and also sells it at extortionate rates to our NHS in the form of Sativex and anti epileptic drugs. If that’s not enough irony, the former Drugs Minister Victoria Atkins’ husband produces cannabis in the UK but she also argues against de criminalising cannabis. We cannot trust these people to get the medicine we need. Our doctors are sanctioned if they are seen to support use of medicinal cannabis but both Doctors and Nurses  supported its use at their recent conferences. Their hands are tied by archaic legislation and all they can do is dish out opiates which get us truly hooked and harm us but it keeps the Pharmaceutical Industry in business. Cannabis is the answer and de-criminalisation the solution.

Richard nursed our father and mother  lovingly at home until they died. The three of them all had the same hellish cancers. Richard knew the progress of the disease and he knew the toll it took on family. I suggest that is why he didn’t share his terrible diagnosis and because he left it so late, he died horribly in pain and fear. There was no need for it. He was only 56 but he didn’t know about the potential for medicinal cannabis to kill cancer until the last few days when he started to ask for it. This petition is to ensure other people are not left without options through ignorance. 

In recent days the momentum has gathered exponentially for the use of medicinal cannabis for kids like Billy, Alfie and Sophie who suffer disastrous rare epileptic diseases only cured by Medicinal Cannabis. This is brilliant and well done their brave mums for fighting for their kids. They are fighting all our fights. However, we must not let the Government restrict it to relieving epilepsy or on a case by case basis. We need a change in the law to DECRIMINALISE cannabis so that we can make our own medicines cheaply and to the right recipe without it being controlled and tampered with by swindlers or Pharmaceutical Companies who price it beyond our reach. Please sign this petition and ask the Health Secretary, Prime Minister and Home Secretary to de-criminalise medicinal cannabis as a matter of urgency. Thank you in the name of Richard.