Save Oliver’s Life! Grant medical cannabis treatment now!

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Medical cannabis treatment now!

My 12 year old little cousin Oliver is in desperate need of medical cannabis. He suffers from severe epilepsy. We can’t bear to see him bleeding from his eyes or falling to the floor in fits any longer. Please help us to save his life. 

Oliver was given medical cannabis oil for a short time last year. The results were dramatic. His seizures went ‪from 20 a‬ day to just one or two. We were told to stop giving the treatment to him as the NHS weren’t allowed to prescribe it. So we stopped and fought hard to legalise the treatment for him and others like him. 

Hundred of thousands of the British public got behind our campaign and it worked. Last year the Government legalised the treatment for those who need it. Families like mine were finally given hope.

Our hearts shattered when we discovered how difficult it is to get doctors to prescribe the treatment. Oliver has been rejected treatment from Alder Hey hospital. We feel betrayed. But what's worse is that he is in constant pain. Unless action is taken now, we are scared he will die. 

Please sign to get Oliver the treatment he needs and to highlight to the Health Minister that this isn’t working. 

Thank you from our family.