Raising eye health awareness in the UK

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#EyeAmAware is a campaign to raise awareness among people of all ages and genders about eye health and its importance here in the UK. Its ultimate goal is to secure free NHS eye tests for everybody from the age of five.

Every day in the UK 250 people start to lose their sight. That is equivalent to one person every six minutes. According to a report from the Royal National Institute for the blind (RNIB) released in spring this year, a shocking 14 million adults have not had their eyes tested in the last two years.

RNIB reported that at least half of all cases of sight loss in the UK are avoidable. And avoiding it can start simply by going for an eye test. Going to the opticians can actually detect illness and disease, such as diabetes and cancers.

There needs to be more awareness to encourage people to get their eyes tested. It can mean so much more than just needing glasses. Please sign this petition and together everybody can say #EyeAmAware.