Public support for Nasar Ullah Khan heart transplant operation

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Mr Khan's  health is at a very critical stage. He urgently needs advanced treatment for his heart condition. The heart transplant is necessary but  is also unlikely due to organ availability. A left vernacular assist device is  achievable .

Unfortunately the doctors have said that they are unable to treat him because to his immigration status.

The doctors report  also states that  his prognosis is very poor and there is a high likely hood that he will die without this advanced treatment.

The hospital intends to discharge Mr Khan. This should not be allowed to happen  without his treatment . The refusal to give him treatment due to his immigration status is inhumane.

Healthcare is provided in immigration detention centres to all detainees  who have no status . There is no valid reason why Mr Khan should not be treated under this circumstances.

The NHS have a charging regulation to provide immediate and necessary life saving treatment as he is too unwell to return home.

We ask Mr Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and his local MP Roger Godsiff to intervene in this situation .

Mr Khan is currently at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Edgaston Birmingham.

Please help Mr Khan and his family at this time of need.

The Unity Centre Glasgow