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Make Game Theory Great Again

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Game Theory used to be a really good show on YouTube. Heck, some might argue that the show is still really good. However, I believe that the show has dropped in quality since it's early days, and I generally don't get as excited for a new video as I used to. This is due to many of his theories being, well, not very good.

I know what you're probably thinking. It's just a theory, right? Why get so worked up over this? The reason that I am fed up with these mediocre theories is the fact that the other slogan for the channel is "The Smartest Show In Gaming". I don't know about you, but I want the smartest show in gaming to consistently get facts right and actually live up to such a title.

This isn't just any old petition, though. I don't just have complaints, but I have solutions. MatPat, in order to get your show moving in the right direction, I humbly ask you to do two things.

1. List sources in the description of the videos. Now, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I do believe that MatPat works with other people on making his videos and theories. If so, I think that it would very nice to list the people who worked on the episode in the description, so that these people can be rightfully acknowledged for the work that they did. The other more important thing to put in the description of the video are the sources to the information that was used in the video.  People should take the information MatPat uses and draw their own conclusions from it. The only thing currently in the description is the social media profiles of MatPat and Game Theory, which I doubt is more important than sources. This change would insure a better researched episode, because the information used would be right there for everyone to see, and besides for a show claiming to be the smartest show in gaming, it's not very scientific to not list sources.

2. Acknowledge the mistakes in earlier episodes. Lately, MatPat has come off as rather egotistical. This is primarily because he dismisses the accusations that his theory is wrong. It would do him a very good service to come out and admit that he was wrong about a lot of his highly contested videos, such as the Mario is Mental video or the Sans is Ness video, or that he made several mistakes in the videos. MatPat should be  acknowledging his mistakes and promising that he will do better, instead of stubbornly refusing to apologize or claiming that the evidence "just fits" when it very clearly doesn't. If he were to just do that, then I would welcome him back with open arms. It would make him come across more as a human. After all, real scientific theories are repeatedly revised and changed as new evidence for or against it arises. And if a theory doesn't hold up, then just dismiss it as false and move on.

Those were my two solutions to making Game Theory as good as it once was. Even if you don't think that Game Theory is bad as it is now, these suggestions wouldn't hurt the show at all, only make it better for everyone. So please share this with fellow fans of the show and make MatPat acknowledge his mistakes so that we may move on to a brighter future.


Something… something.

For anyone interested (MatPat), here is a very comprehensive list of MatPat's mistakes in his theories:

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