GTLive Format Change

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Dear MatPat, Stephanie, Jason, and Chris,

     This is a petition made by, and for GTLive fans. I understand that you have changed to a zero latency stream system. The intention of this new stream tactic is to enhance the GTLive experience. This new system has instead hindered the experience of GTLive. The first issue is the constant buffering. When the streams buffer, we are unable to enjoy the stream because we often cannot get through a full sentence before the stream buffers. When buffering occurs, the solution is often a downgrade in quality, which is not ideal for a fan to go through with. Another problem is the lack of fans being able to scroll back the stream to any earlier point. The stream automatically boots everyone to the most-live point in the stream. This, combined with the constant buffering, means that every time it buffers, we loose precious seconds of the stream. Currently, while writing this, my stream has lagged so many time, I have missed the entire story of this game. I understand that you want to make the chat quicker to engage with yourselves, but it is hard to engage in a stream when you miss every couple of words. As of the time of this petition being written, fifteen people (polled by twitter) have asked to move the stream back to the old way. Below are some comments (from people other than those who voted in the poll) from people frustrated with the new system

--- @chetjordan2002 says: Refreshing and 144p res helping for 5-10 secs then back to lag. I've not seen a straight 30 secs. #GTLive

--- @InsideoutStorm says: #GTLive the stream is lagging so bad for me, not to mention I can't rewind the video to the very start to catch up on what's happening. :(

--- @KenzieKitty7 says: #GTLive Please go back to the old way of streaming. I really don't like the buffering and the fact that I can't pause or rewatch

--- @primakat says: Never had any issues with @MatPatGT #GTLive before but getting a lot of stalling/buffering today.

--- @livelovegtlive says: Meeeeeee! I can't do it! I'm just gonna wait until after and try to watch it unlisted

--- @Bookworm2413 says: @CordyPatrick #GTLive the lag is happening every five seconds and it has made most people miss the start of the stream

--- @125_m_125 says: I prefer the old way. It has a bigger delay, but it runs smoothly and you can rewind. Worst part: after buffering it skips parts #gtlive

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