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January 28th 2015 Mathew Morales from Lancaster, PA was taken away from his family due to false accusations from the Lancaster County Justice System. He is serving a LIFE sentence for a crime that he DID NOT do. We need to open the eyes of everyone and give those in a horrific situation like this a fighting chance to prove their innocence! This is a young mans life and a father to 2 small little girls, a son, brother, grandson, cousin and nephew that has been taken away for life! 

It is unlawful how the actions towards Mathew have been taken. Everyone has heard one side of this story but no one has heard his side. The courts of Lancaster Pennsylvania did not do a stand up job for this case and they put an INNOCENT man behind bars under a life sentence! A man that has no criminal record. The Lancaster City justice system stripped this man of all of his rights and made him a prime suspect with no hard evidence. This is a perfect example of a "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" scenario. The law has nothing to keep this man locked away besides a CORRUPTED witness! 

All we ask is for SUPPORT & JUSTICE to be served!

You can view his page and do your own research if you would like and please help sign this petition to give this man a fighting chance at the freedom that he deserves! What's done in the dark shall come to the light!