Stop Chaucer Fields development on the University of Kent Campus

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Chaucer Fields are a pride point of the University of Kent. An open area of grassland, woodland and hedgerows just across from Keynes bus stop and down the hill, providing beautiful views of the city and home to a wide range of wildlife. The University of Kent are planning to pave over these areas for an 150 bed hotel and conference centre as part of its "Framework Masterplan". 

As students at the University of Kent, we are strongly opposed to this plan as its a loss of an aesthetic view and an important social space for the students and local community alike. As a Wildlife Conservation student, it is a worry for all the unprotected wildlife that will be displaced. 

There are only a few days left until discussions are closed so please sign as soon as you can, to make a difference! For more information about the development plans and an extensive list of reasons why to oppose this, visit: