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Facebook restore the accounts of Arshad Hussain & Niranjana Das: stop censoring

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Arshad Hussain from Budgam, Kashmir is a respected and well-known writer activist who uses Facebook to educate others about the brutalities of the Indian occupation of Kashmir. He has recently written critically about India's ban on government workers in Kashmir using social media. His writing is reasoned, cogent, informative, and in no way inflammatory or inciting of violence. It is the writing of a serious and committed freedom fighter.

Facebook disabled Arshad's account for violating its community standards about supporting violence, threatening harm, hate speech of any kind. None of these charges fit any of Arshad's posts. Such misconduct would be beneath his dignity since he is a man of principle. Having no basis for disabling his account, Facebook restored it in a matter of hours but then without notice disabled and shut it down again. This kind of arbitrary censorship cannot be tolerated simply because Arshad's political commitments differ with those of the Indian occupying army.

Niranjana Das's account was disabled for several hours for a post about India's mistreatment of political prisoners and their families that was not vituperative or abusive. She was again disabled and blocked when she posted this petition in support of Arshad Hussain. We are adding her name to the petition instead of creating a separate one.

Facebook and Twitter are taking liberties with censorship that violate free speech rights and they are doing so to comply with repressive governments. We are petitioning to restore Arshad and Niranjana's accounts and to demand that Facebook stop harassing them.






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