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Duke is a 5 year old, 120 pound Great Dane being kept at either Willow Creek Veterinary Services in Pierce, Nebraska, or Westside Family Pet Clinic in Norfolk, Nebraska, depending on where his blood is needed.
By his owner, Dr. Shane Pedersen's own admission, Duke, weighing in at about 120 pounds, is confined to a 4 foot by 4 foot area, only being let out 2 to 3 times each day for about 15 minutes. He is used for blood transfusions when dogs needing blood are brought into the clinic. Even though this is a very important service that Duke provides, other more humane veterinarians compile a list of "donor dogs", dogs whose owners could be called to bring their pet into the clinic at a moment's notice, to donate blood to a dog in need. These donor dogs get to live a normal life with a loving family. Duke is not that lucky.
When asked if he thought that being confined in a 4 x4 ft space for over 23 hours each day was too small given the size of Duke, Dr. Pedersen said he didn't see anything wrong with this because Duke had a tendency to eat things he shouldn't when let out. Duke is rarely even given a blanket to sleep on due to his ripping them up in the past due to boredom or just plain frustration.
Please take a moment of your time to contact Dr. Pedersen and ask him to release Duke to a reputable rescue so he can find a family who will love him. And ask him to stop this barbaric practice when there are plausible alternatives. Please share Duke's story far and wide to bring awareness to this practice. We may not be able to make a difference in all of their lives, but as the saying goes, we can make all the difference in the world to one of them. Let's make a difference for Duke.
Please call Willow Creek Veterinary Services at 85420 549 Avenue in Pierce, Nebraska, phone number 402 329 4805 or Westside Family Pet Clinic at 104 N 37th Street in Norfolk, Nebraska, phone number 402 844 4738 and tell them that DUKE DESERVES BETTER! And don't believe them when they tell you that Duke is allowed to run free in the exercise yard. Where Duke is currently being kept, there is no fenced yard so he is kept on leash during his three trips outside his kennel each day. When they tell you he is a "clinic pet" where he is allowed to wander free in the clinic, don't believe them. Out of more than 20 clinic patrons I contacted, I was not able to find one person that was even aware of Duke, let alone had seen him. Duke is the clinic's "dirty little secret" and it's about time that changed! Let's not let Duke die without knowing the love of a family!

Is today the day?
Is today the day I leave this kennel and find a family of my own? Is today the day I will get to play with children and take walks, or maybe even sleep in my own bed? I have been waiting patiently for over two years for my day to come, but I am giving up hope. I long for human contact and interaction. I yearn to be loved. The best parts of my day now are the two or three times I am allowed out of my kennel for 10 to 15 minutes to go outside to "potty". I am not allowed off the leash because there are no fences, and my legs ache to run and play. Sometimes I am taken out of my kennel and taken to another room where I am poked with needles, which hurt, but I don't mind because I am being paid attention to. And when this is over I am taken back to my kennel where I wait for the next time I am needed to give blood. Because that's my job. I am being kept at a veterinarian's office where my sole purpose is to give blood to other dogs in need. But I want more. I am a good dog and I want a family.
Is today the day I might go home?
The lights of the office dim. Everyone is leaving. 
Today is not the day.



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