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Help bring an end to modern day slavery in West Africa.

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What they are doing to the children in Ghana, Liberia and especially in Côte D'Ivoire is despicable. The American chocolate company Nestle employs these countries to harvest their cacao beans (beans which are compounded into chocolate). Very rarely do these countries enforce labor or age laws and force their workers (mostly children) to harvest and maintain their cacao fields. Some children as young as 4 years old. Many between the ages of 4-12 with 40% of these children being girls. Many of these modern day slaves have been trafficked into the country where they are forced to work 12+ hours a day in the heat with little water and no food (sometimes their diet consists of only corn paste). These children are whipped, beaten and starved. If a child drops their loads of cacao beans or falls to the ground in exhaustion they are whipped until they can stand again. Nestle is more than well aware of the problem and in 2006 publicly stated they would approach these issues but than later announced they would not be able to make any efforts to end the slavery until 2020. They currently have a massive law suit against them in the Supreme Court for the exploitation of child labor. They have stated the lawsuit as "merit less" and currently trying to halt its push to the Supreme Court. Nestle is a 60 billion dollar conglomerate and do not stand alone. Hershey's and Mars have also been found to be contributors to the exploitation of child labor in countries located in Africa as well. The west coast of Africa provides more than 71% of the worlds coco beans with the Ivorian Coast being the main supplier with over 150,000 fields where children are forced to work day and night. Some individuals even go as far as locking children into cages at night to ensure they do not escape. Companies like Nestle, Mars and Hershey's are incredibly aware of what is being done to these innocent children and they have the power and influence to enforce not only age laws but a livable way for the countries who are using slave labors as means for production. Unfortunately these companies refuse to negotiate with these countries because they will inevitable lose out on billions in profit. If age restrictions and minimum wages were enforced Nestle would be forced to pay a higher rate for harvesting and productivity in order to offset the cost of paid wages. This is simply another case of monetary profit over humanity where capable and powerful American companies are willing to sacrifice morality for money. It is our turn to be the voice of those who have lived so long without the chance to speak for themselves, sign this petition to help bring an end to the use of child slavery in West Africa!

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