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Demand laws regulating breeding of small animals like guinea pigs in Ontario!

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There are currently no laws regarding breeding of small animals apart from the very broad and generalized animal cruelty laws. This means that anyone can breed them indiscriminately, breeding the females to death, creating unhealthy offspring due to a lack of knowledge, and creating an overpopulation problem, which puts strain on local rescues like mine, that are NOT supported by government funding. That means, it puts a strain on public funds, in other words YOUR money! You can help put a stop to it with just a couple of clicks!

We are asking our local politicians to work with provincial and federal representatives to enact laws to:

1. enforce a cap on how many offspring a breeder can produce in a given period
2. require breeders to keep detailed records, which may be inspected and audited at any time, with regards to the genetic line, numbers born in each litter, their health and date each litter was born.
3. require minimum standard of care and knowledge in the field in order for a person to become a "Registered Breeder".
4. To require the registering agency to routinely inspect facilities in order to enforce a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure that regulations are followed and conscientious practice is maintained. Much the same as any other registered field, such as Registered Nurses or Registered Early Childhood Educators.
5. require standards of care and housing in breeding facilities, requiring accommodations suitable for the long term well being of the animals
6. require penalties for the breech of such regulations severe enough to act as a deterrent in the future
7. require ongoing examination of the regulations, including amendments as needed, to ensure the protection of small animals in this regard.

Most importantly, we are asking that the ban on selling animals from breeders in pet stores extend from just cats and dogs, to include small animals as well, with the possible exception of fish and live feeder insects. Supporting breeders, especially unregulated ones, encourages the often horrific conditions the animals are in and how they are treated.

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