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to Marvel: Fire or Penalize Nick Spencer

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Nick Spencer clearly shows no regards for histories of characters. But this isn't the reason for this petition. The simple reason for this petition is that Nick Spencer seems to have no issue taking Jewish icons and twisting them for a cheap shock value. The fact that he sees no issue in taking a character who was a survivor of not just the atrocities of the holocaust but survived it's most notorious camp: Auschwitz and to have him turn and become a new age Nazi is a problem. Not is it just unforgivable to turn Captain America, a proud symbol of resisting the Nazis, into a Nazi leader, We're seeing a character who suffered under the boot of nazi oppression and this is clearly seen as nothing by Spencer. 


It's clear to me that Spencer shows absolutely no reverence towards both the jewish and comics community. The comic industry, especially Marvel, was built along the backs of jewish men, and to do something like this just absolutely spits over the legacy of men like Jack Kirby.


Marvel, we in both the comics and members of the Jewish community demand the firing of Nick Spencer immediately or a the very least an apology. Now more then ever In these times of rampant antisemitism, with noted anti-Semites in the damn White House we need Jewish characters. And we certainly don't need a man who fetishizes a neo Nazi organization to write them.



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