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Make Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider movies part of the MCU

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Nicolas Cage, is a truly great actor, who has even made it into a Marvel movie, but he has been dealt an injustice, how? Read on and find out. Nicolas Cage was the title character in in the movies Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, he used his acting skills to well portray the main character Johnny Blaze (or Ghost Rider), and created in my opinion the best Marvel movie of them all. However his contribution to Marvel seems to have gone unnoticed, and despite it's stellar reviews, Ghost Rider is not a part of the MCU! The MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is a shared canon universe of the Marvel movies, but for some reason "Ghost Rider" is not apart of this? Please I beg of you, help this petition and right this grave wrong, you have the power, make Nicolas Cage's "Ghost Rider" movies part of the MCU.

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