Pull Brie Larson from Capt Marvel

Pull Brie Larson from Capt Marvel

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Started by Concerned Citizen

This petition is to dump Brie Larson from Captain Marvel and Marvel Studios. She has the personality of a corner houseplant and cannot stand in the same movie set as Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. They will roast her alive, and if they don’t, audiences will. This petition is about demanding the ultimate battle fans have been held in suspense for over the last ten years of (mostly) great Marvel films. Not this melodrama starring the emotional climax of a flat soda. 

Just listen to the trailers, then read the comments. Brie confides to Fury about discovering new superpowers or suppressed memories using the same tone of voice in which your sister would ask you to pass the mashed potatoes over a quiet dinner. She has the intensity of Paris Hilton, the emotional range of Rebecca Black in “Friday”, and the role-confusion of Kristen Stewart from Twilight. Dump her.

We already know rugged, deep, and interesting female heroes with rich backstories like Leia Skywalker, Ellen Ripley, and Sarah Connor in the 80s. Today Wonder Woman and Black Widow are all that’s left, and they’re uncelebrated. Nowadays we’re supposed to think that Rey from Star Wars is something special, but she never had to earn her place in the universe. She just was the best ... somehow ... all along, and her backstory is basically a director shrugging his shoulders. How can that pass for a billion-dollar franchise?

The same amorphous backstory underlies the new Jean Grey in X Men. We loved Luke Skywalker and Wolverine not because they were men but because directors let audiences grow with them: in each defeat these guys learned something and each victory came at a cost. This is like real life. If Brie's Capt. Marvel ends up more powerful than Thor, the Avengers, or Thanos, then Marvel will have officially committed seppuku on its legacy and die as a franchise the way Star Wars has. 

When I watch these Captain Marvel trailers, I’m reminded again that Hollywood has lost its vision and worships the image of an ideologue with the depth of heart of a Stepford Wife, not a real person. And certainly not a role model for women to strive for. What are you teaching women to look up to? Someone who sacrifices like real heroes do? Or someone who just has superpowers and doesn’t have to do feel anything or learn anything to be special? Heroes become; fools merely are. 

Dump Brie Larson and give audiences the heroine they deserve in an action-actress with authentic talent, like Emily Blunt, Kate Beckinsale or Charlize Theron. Enough already.

4,824 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!