MCU Summary as told by Luis from Ant Man!

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We want, no we NEED a full MCU recap as told by Michael Peña from Ant Man, in the style of his "storytelling" scenes in the original Ant Man and its sequel, Ant Man & The Wasp!

The MCU is a complex story that spans across 20 movies. A hilarious recap told by Michael Peña and acted out by the entire MCU cast would not only be incredibly funny & entertaining, but will also bring casual fans (or Uber fans reluctant spouses) up to speed in time for the next big MCU movie!

How bad do we want this?? More than Thanos wants the Infinity Stones!

How mad are we that this hasn't already happened?? Madder than the Hulk in an LA traffic jam!

We have several options to help make this happen: picket outside Disney headquarters, protest outside Marvel Studios, or if you're lazy like us you can just sign this petition and share it on social media!

Let's make this happen people! :-D

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