Save Gwenpool from Cancellation

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Marvel has announced that it is going to cancel The Unbelievable Gwenpool!

And this can. not. STAND!!!

During a dark time in Marvel's comicbook history know as "SJW Marvel", she stood as a beacon of Fun, Adventure & Creativity. When the rest of Marvel comics was getting unbearably political, she took us on Whimsical Adventures filled with Joy & Humour. She reminded us why we loved Comic Books... even in the midst of massively disliked Crossover Events such as "Civil War II" and "Secret Empire".

With her creative ways of Breaking the 4th Wall, she not only represented us in the World of Comics, she showed us parts of the Marvel Universe & it's characters that we never even considered and gave us a new perspective.

But now her comic is coming to an end, and as a 4th Wall Breaker, she knows this. And has be doing everything she can to change this, even taking on Doctor Doom! All so she can matter, but lets us show she doesn't need to do anything, just be herself.

Let us show that she already has a place in our hearts!

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