Marvel Hire Dan Jurgens to Write Thor: Atonement

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For every comic fan out there who loves this entertainment medium there is undoubtedly a story they wish wasn't rushed or canceled, a story that they know could be even greater, if just given the chance. Furthermore, nowadays the comic industry has dissatisfied many of these same fans, putting aside great stories in favor of agenda.

I am one such fan. My first true exposure to Thor comics were those written by Dan Jurgens and immediately I was hooked. To me, Jurgens Thor was the perfect mixture of mythology and super heroics; providing not just excellent action and spectacle but also an underlying philosophical/theological message about mankind's relationship to the spiritual. To someone who grew up on Bible stories and tales of viking ancestors I thought that no comic could be better and even today Jurgens run on Thor still holds a special place in my heart, as does Thor the character.

Now I know there are other Thor fans out there like me, fans who love the character and his mythos and who would want a return to the golden days of Marvel writing. I, we, are dissatisfied with the current direction Marvel has taken with our favorite character and want to see change. While I know Marvel is not going to change their direction on the main Thor books over one little petition, perhaps there is a way that Marvel could help reconcile with its fans.

Dan Jurgens Thor: The Reigning Arc was prematurely cut short to fit in with Marvel's avengers disassembled plans. The Reigning Arc, though one of the best Thor arcs ever, left may fans feeling as if the ending were shoehorned in and Jurgens himself confirms it. What more could have happened in this story? Dan Jurgens in an interview said that if he had been allowed to continue the story Magni Thorson would get more fleshing out as a character, King Thor would have made real atonement for his sins and Thor would have mastered the Odinforce fully!

I petition that Marvel and their Editor C.B Cebulsky go and hire Dan Jurgens to finish what he started as a graphic novel titled Thor: Atonement. This would not interfere with Marvel's existing plans as it would take place in the What-If? Universe of Earth-3515 (the reality the events of the Reigning were relegated to upon the arcs end). This would be a win/win for both parties, giving fans what they desire and helping Marvel to perhaps win back some of its core fanbase.


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