Marvel don't let Storm's character development be ignored any further: Hadari Yao 4ever!

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Storm, aka Ororo Munroe, was the first black female superhero who made her debut in the Xmen Giant size issue back in 1975.  Christopher Claremont wrote her as the leader of a mainstream superhero team during a period when there seldomly were characters of color or female who filled such roles.  She would go on to be featured on the award winning Xmen: the Animated Series cartoon that further catapulted her into mainstream pop culture so much she won against Wonder Woman in a fan-voted DC/Marvel crossover comic released in the 90s. 

Unfortunately, that was nearly 20 years ago and her characterization and impact both within and outside the comics have never been the same.  That is until the award winning and crtitcally acclaimed writer Ta-nahesi Coates took interest in her character and began writing her in the Black Panther solo series, which included Black Panther and the Crew (2016/2017).  He did so much to develop the character, including giving her greater ties to her black heritage and rekindling her love with Tchalla (the Black Panther).  One of the arguably best things that Coates did to develop this character during the short amount of time of writing her was canonically making her a goddess: THE HADARI YAO.

While Coates was writing the most prominent black female character as component, powerful and self-assured another writer within the same company was writing to undermine everything Coates had worked so very hard to establish.  Since Coates reveal she was a real goddess there has not been one mention of this outside of his writing.

Which leads to the purpose of this petition.  I am not only asking that Marvel finally acknowledge the works Coates has done to make her a true goddess, but also asking that Marvel finally allow Ta-nahesi Coates and Jen Bartel to begin working on the Storm solo that was hinted back in 2017.  If you agree please sign so that we can make our voices heard.  It is about time this iconic character was treated with the respect she has earned and deserves.  


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