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Make the Ant-Man shorts into a Series

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The Ant-Man shorts have been a success, they have been critically acclaimed for their beautiful old school like animation and for its endearing voice acting.

Avengers EMH started with shorts and ended up being critically acclaimed so why not give this a shot?

With a brand new Spidey show about to hit the air (which also uses EMH's strategy of shorts first before the shows release) it could be wise to have another Marvel show to accompany Marvel's Spider-Man

On a personal note I enjoyed the characters and was intrigued by the shows version of Scott, Hank, Cassie and Hope and the idea of the development of the characters and the action is something that interests me.

If you feel like me and you want a show based on this version of Ant-Man sign this petition ans share it so we reach more people and Marvel realizes that there is an interest for this show!


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