Keep Cap and Bucky Alive

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We would like to see both Cap and Bucky alive and happy by the end of Avengers 4.

Since the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we see drastic decline of screen time for both Cap and Bucky. MCU pitted the third movie of Cap trilogy against DCEU's release of Batman Vs Superman, turning what could've been the perfect finale of Cap's story arc into ultimate showdown, aka Avengers 2.5. The major release thereafter, Avengers 3: Infinity War of two hours and forty minutes, featured Cap for a total of six minutes and Bucky Barnes a measly two. What frightens the fans even more is that many new characters will explore their storylines in Avengers 4, while very exciting, will undoubtedly further eroding Cap and Bucky's storyline.

The two WWII veterans are men out of time. The people and things around them that made them who they are were long gone, but they choose to fight alongside each other regardless. Their mutual trust and unequivocal support have touched many lives. And to conclude such a wonderful and complex human interaction hastily in favor of introducing new characters is unacceptable. They have a relatively mature narrative in the MCU, but it is no excuse to stop channelling from the source material and further enrich their story.

Sergeant Bucky Barnes, the soldier who fought for his country just like Captain America, who stood up to fight the good fight regardless of personal circumstances, to his best ability, should not be a wanted man. Captain Steve Rogers, the little guy from Brooklyn who went under the ice for seventy years for the greater good, deserve more time to experience the brand new world.

Please give them long-deserved happy endings that involve saving the world and enjoying life, and we as fans would follow this story till the end of the line.