Improve Tokyo Comic-Con culture

Improve Tokyo Comic-Con culture

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Japanese Comic Geeks started this petition to Marvel and
Comic-Con is originated in San Diego and it came to Japan in 2016. In 2018, they had the third Tokyo Comic-Con having 6 special guests, Oliver, and James Phelps Brothers, Peter Weller, Tom Hiddleston, Ezra Miller, and Jeremy Renner. Those 6 and 63,146 people enjoyed the event through 3days .....or did they?
On Twitter, people are talking about the guests' overwork and the impoliteness of Comic-con staffs. They are mainly discussing about..
1. The staffs complained about the guests' interaction with their fans (ex. hugging, chatting) because it took time and it was running behind the schedule. The staffs complained about it in front of the fans and they actually heard it. (The fans loved the interaction.)
2. At the photo booth, the staffs tried to interrupt the conversation between guests and fans in order to go on to the next photo even though the guests were still talking to their fans.
3. The guests even couldn't take enough break. The fans saw that the guests were writing their autographs while they were eating lunch.
4. It was obvious (the fans could tell) that the guests were so tired but the staffs kept selling the tickets for photoshoot and autographs.

It was clear that the staffs were mainly thinking about earning money and they made the guests overwork. For both fans and the guests, it was a very precious moment to see each other. People felt that the staffs ruined everything, the atmosphere, the guests' love for fans, and the event. It was only the third time, so we believe that there is quite a bit of room for improvement.

All the guests (both the actors and fans) should be able to enjoy this event without any stress. People complained about the impoliteness and actors' overworking in 2017 but there was no improvement.

1. 予定が遅れたことで、ゲストによるファンとのハグや会話に関してスタッフが文句を口に出して言っていた事。待機列に並んでいたファンが実際にこれを聞いていました。(ファンはゲストからの交流を好意的に捉え、嬉しく思っていました。)
2. ゲストがまだファンに話しかけているにも関わらず強制的に引き剥がしに入り会話を中断させた事。(ファンが話しかけているのならまだしも、ゲストが話しかけているところを邪魔してしまうのは失礼に当たります。)
3. ゲストがろくに休憩を取れていないように見受けられた事。ゲストが昼食をとりながらサインに応じていた様子をファンが実際に見ています。
4. 見るからにゲストに疲れが出ているにもかかわらず、撮影会とサイン会の当日券を販売し続けた事。


For the solution, I want to propose to Tokyo Comic-Con
1. Talk to each guest (actors) about how they want to interact with their fans and loosen the schedule.
2. Based on what they talked with the guests, calculate how many people they can handle in 1 hour and decide how many tickets to sell in one day.
3. Give guests enough break and get them chairs while they are taking a break. (Fans saw the guests were standing and chilling outside on their break.)
4. Do not complain about how the event's working because it is your job and it is very rude to the guests. Have respect to the guests they come all the way to Japan for the events and the fans.

1. 参加していただけるゲスト一人一人と打ち合わせをしご本人がどのようにファンと交流したいかを確認した上で、スケジュールに余裕をもたせる。
2. 打ち合わせ内容をもとにゲストが1時間に何人のファンと交流できるかを計算し販売するチケット数を定める。
3. ゲストに十分な休憩時間を与え休憩時には椅子を用意する。(ゲストが外で立って休憩時間を過ごしている様子をファンが目撃しています。)
4. スタッフはお金をもらってどのようなイベントを任されているか理解した上で仕事をしているはずであるためイベントの進行について文句を言わない。ご厚意でファンと交流をしていただいているゲストについて文句を言うのは失礼極まりない行為です。海外から日本にいるファンのためにわざわざご足労いただいているゲストに敬意を払ってください。

Personal story
It was my first time to take part in Tokyo Comic-Con 2018. I was joining the photo session with Mx. Ezra Miller on the first day. I knew that he was interacting with every one of his fans with love and I really loved it. However, on the second and third day, I saw people talking about the staffs making the complaint and it made him uncomfortable. His interaction was filled with love and innovative for Tokyo Comic-Con. I felt everyone at the event should be able to enjoy the event without any stress. That is why I created this petition. I hope you would understand and support me. Thank you so much.
Let's improve and make tokyo comic-con splendid!

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