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Create Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and expansions for 1 and 2 for all gaming consoles

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance is often considered one of the best Marvel Superhero games and Role Playing games ever created, and has withstood the test of time to become a revered franchise with a strong cult following. it is with this in mind that we, the Gaming Community, would ask the Marvel Corporation who own the rights to the game and Activision the Publisher to work  to create a new game, marvel ultimate alliance 3, for all consoles and new content for the Re releases of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 to the Xbox One and the PS4. things that would bring new life to both would be new characters, quest, personal mission, a return to the loved combat mechanics and abilities of the first game, and simulator Disc, to name a few. this would help expand upon and increase the replay-ability and life span of the new and old games. this would bring in new players and customers, and create a new foothold and growth for the marvel gaming industry. We the Loyal fan base and Consumer base would be willing to purchase and support this new content and the new game as a whole, as long as the game is kept Working smoothly, up to the standards of top quality role playing video games today and bug free. 

Sincerely, the Marvel Gaming community

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