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Remove TA-NEHISI COATES from writing Black Panther and and prevent writing for Storm.

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Please remove TA-NEHISI COATES from writing Black Panther and prevent him writing for Storm. This man has single handedly wrote a white supremacist's agenda into the Black Panther mythos. He has chosen to depower one of our greatest heroes along with making him an unfit leader and adding " rape camps " and mutiny in the worst way which under better circumstances could be considered story telling. Under Coates, it breaks barriers and reeks of (dare I say) coonery. He is an evil writer with no real experience and pushes a demasculinizing agenda on a black male character and uses every opportunity as to even go as far as rewriting the comic's history as a lie. Many black nerds agree and even former fans of his were taken back at the latest changes. Black Panther fans like myself has seen this man tear down the house that Hudlin, Priest, and others built. This man has to be stopped one way or the other. Now black panther fans have been known to buy a book no matter who writes or even is in a vibranium suit. We as fans know the importance of NOT BEING COLONIZED and maintaining dignity and pride when it's not popular. If Tchalla could speak. He would kill or imprison a traitor that came for his kingdom. That is how most of us feel about Coates. We would also like for him to send a heartfelt apology along with an explanation for the damage that has been done already.

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