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Bi & Trans Peter Parker !!

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I believe Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, should be a trans and bisexual character. Not only are there a few parts of 'Homecoming' that make him appear to be trans & bi, but the LGBTQ+ representation is important.

1. peter gets upset when donald glover calls him a girl and his voice breaks a little (exactly like how it happens when a trans boy starts T)
2. peter also is a bit short and has small hands and feet
3. he plays with star wars toys, probably because he wasn't allowed to when he was younger
4. his voice is high pitched and he can't control it
5. in the previous spider-man movies, they made the bulge obvious but peter doesn't have one in homecoming
6. can't do his tie
7. he got keyhole top surgery (no scarring) and thanks to the spider venom, if there was scarring, it's gone. and it helped him also along with T in the development of his muscles

peter being trans and bisexual (see theory about his crush on thor where in the atm robbery he says "i thought you would be more handsome" and then later on he does impressions of thor and has a model mjolnir) is very important because the LGBTQ+ doesn't have much representation, and having such a mainstream superhero as bisexual and transgender would help so many people, especially little children that will watch the movie. it's important for diversity as well.

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