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A New Punisher Game for Xbox One and PS4

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The gun-wielding vigilante known as the Punisher is once again in the pop culture spotlight, thanks to his appearance on the second season of Netflix's Daredevil television show, and now his very own Netflix TV Series!

When the Original PS2 and Xbox Title was realleased back in 2004/2005,  it was one of the more faithful comic book game adaptations on the market.

The game's story (penned by Punisher comic writer Garth Ennis), solid visuals, competent gameplay and, of course, over-the-top executions made for a rare treat for fans of the Marvel comic character, and what better time than now to bring Frank Castle back into the limelight, with a reboot or even second Installment in the Video Game Franchise!

The Punisher is a huge name amongst Comicbook fans, gamers, the military, and now every home who has Netflix and enjoys Superhero movies, thanks to the MCU and Netflix R-Rated Universe!

Frank Castle has a wealth of Source material behind him to make the game an Instant Classic!

Please give us what the fans want and need.

Bring Frank Castle back to Consoles across the Globe, grounded in the gritty in the R-Rated Enviroment he deserves!


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