Dorset Police- Do Your Job Please

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Dorset Rural Police have refused to deal with road safety in regards to the Portman hunt who are placing road users at risk by galloping all over main roads, leading hounds onto main roads and not using the bridle paths .

Dorset Police have claimed that hounds running all over the roads and darting in between moving cars is not an offence and does not create a road hazard or present any danger to road users. They claim this can not cause an accident potentially threatening someones life.

This is because Dorset Rural Police are suspected hunt supporters who agree that breaking rules and highway codes is apt when blood sporting is in action, also we suspect that the police are under other persuasions and influences within the hunting fraternity.

Dorset Rural Police continue to place obstacles in campaigners paths and insist on creating clauses and exemptions for hunts when they do not apply.


full report is the monitors page. the monitor has got nowhere with the police finding that they support the hunt each and every time, finding excuses for the hunt and even ignoring the highway codes and laws in favour of the hunt.

The solution would be for Dorset Police to take action and do their jobs as they are trained to do as it is not the Wild hunting west , highway codes should apply to everyone

Personal story
someone who is sick and tired of the police supporting fox hunts