Bring back food to Martingrove CI !

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Jerry's didn’t cater to just beef hot dog lovers. He also provided us with veggie dogs, hamburgers and drinks! Cheap, accessible and fast. That bucktee and their parent that opped on him and Bears Den need to relaxx. No one is forcing them to buy his food so why should our choice be removed!? Even TEACHERS bought from him. Claimed it was unhealthy, boi go look at Tim Hortons... how about you ban Tim Hortons! Kmt SIGN ASAP so we can get this movement on the road.  

All jokes aside. The main problem that I am seeking to address is the administration's removal of a food option from our school whose selection is already extremely limited. Bears Den was removed early this year without any transparency as to the reasoning. As many of you have seen, so has Jerry's. Common word on the street has been that they were removed after a complaint from a parent at our school. The administration has failed to provide any explanation to the removal of Jerry's and Bears Den. Bears Den and Jerry's were convenient and cheap. Both can be said to have been sources of unhealthy food but never the less they provided options. Now that the two are gone, students have been left with only 4 options, the Cafeteria, Tim Hortons, Hasty Mart and Metro. All are within walking distance but provide food of the same poor nutritional caliber.

  • The Cafeteria: brownies, chips, candy, 5 day old pizza, fries, ice cream - to name a few- and only a tiny selection of "healthy" options. Prices for these items are not pocket friendly for a mediocre lunch. 
  • Tim Hortons: products high in caffeine, refined sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours + colours, sodium and saturated fat. 
  • Hasty Mart: patties (preservatives, artificial colours, high in sodium etc.), sugary drinks such as slushies and ice cream shakes, an array of chips, chocolate and candy. 
  • Metro: only affordable options that are filling are pizza, potato wedges/fries, desserts and soft drinks. 
  • Nutrition Program: fruit, eggs, pastries, bread with margarine and jam, cheese bread. (Best option because it is free, unfortunately not a reliable and sustainable option for someone without a lunch. Often runs out of food by lunch time.)

Unfortunately this issue boils down to out school board and our government. Nevertheless our school cannot expect all students to suddenly eat healthy food at lunch by taking hotdogs away from us. Taking a piece of candy away from a child because its not good for them without telling them WHY its not good for them and not providing a a substitute will NEVER amount to true change. 

Please also think about the dangers that this passive attitude our school has towards food inadvertently teaches it's students. If a child only has access to "unhealthy" food and you take those options away, you are essentially tell that child that they are better off not eating. Unfortunately in secondary school, there are still students who are not versed in nutrition in terms of macronutrients, micronurtients and ingredients to avoid. Students will continue to seek out those "unhealthy" food items unless they are educated. 

I can say with absolute confidence that no student or teacher at Martingrove would be unsatisfied with affordable food that is health conscious. 

Please sign this petition and spread the conversation to the classroom so that we can have real food at our school!