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The fur is not only synonymous with death, so is suffering. The methods used to kill animals are shocking. In the case of wild animals, death occurs especially through the use of traps, such as stocks. These methods do not kill the animal quickly, but that prolong suffering. Death ends occur after long agony breach of the European Convention for the protection of farm animals. The methods used to kill these animals ranging from gassing with carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, dislocation of the neck, sodium pentobarbital injection and electrocution, so bled.


Also many other animals are skinned alive even with the unimaginable suffering that the animal is subjected, by the existence of alternative materials is unnecessary and all cruelty can never be chic.


Therefore should be prohibited within the European area.


Tambien muchos otros animales son despellejados vivos aun con el sufrimiento inimaginable al que es sometido el animal, por la existencia de materiales alternativos todo ello es innecesario y la crueldad nunca puede ser elegante.

Por ello, deberia prohibirse dichas practicas asi como su comercio dentreo de la zona Europea.


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