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Tell Martin O'Malley not to hold his Philadelphia event at Point Breeze Pop-Up

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Governor O'Malley,

We are very disappointed that you have agreed to attend a fundraiser at the Point Breeze Pop-Up and we ask you to reconsider.  

The Point Breeze Pop-Up has become the de-facto symbol of gentrification for this neighborhood which, like many across the country, has been struggling with rapidly changing racial and socioeconomic demographics and rising housing costs.  

Over the past couple of months many community members have protested the Pop-Up and what they feel is a double standard regarding how newer residents are treated compared with long-time residents.

Like many poor and working class urban neighborhoods in the country, Point Breeze was ravaged by drug use and alcohol abuse in the 90s. Neighbors who lived through that are understandably anxious with the idea of beer garden on an empty lot close to their homes.  

Why Point Breeze Residents are Fighting a Pop-up Beer Garden

The event host and proprietor of the Point Breeze Pop-up is a polarizing force who has shown that he does not care about the concern of neighbors who do not want outdoor public drinking on their block close to their homes. They felt blindsided when an outdoor drinking garden showed up "out of nowhere" without any community input.  

It is important to note that not all of the residents of Point Breeze are against the Point Breeze Pop-Up--including near neighbors to the lot. 

Whether or not we personally support the Pop-Up and what it means for our neighborhood and our future, we agree that it is not in your best interest to show support for such a controversial venue and event host. 

We're asking you to reconsider having your fundraiser at this particular location. It will only hurt your campaign and your image with already marginalized communities in Philadelphia and across the country.  There are many many other locations in Philadelphia that are more centrally located and don't carry the stigma of an neighborhood at war with itself.    

We look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia, just not at the Point Breeze Pop-up. 

Thank you  

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