Martin Andanar, OUT. Erwin Tulfo, IN.

Martin Andanar, OUT. Erwin Tulfo, IN.

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Reagan Senoron started this petition to President Duterte and

I am pushing for Mr. Erwin Tulfo to become the next Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (or Office of the Press Secretary in case the PCOO's name will be replaced).

Of the remaining three years of our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, it's time for the Chief Executive to appoint somebody who is better than Sec. Martin Andanar...braver than Sec. Andanar...and can immediately protect our President and our country against accusations and fake news...and that person is no other than Mr. Erwin Tulfo.

We have given Sec. Andanar more than 3 years but it seems he is really not doing his job well. This can be proven thru mistakes committed by the Philippine News Agency (PNA) before. But above all, thru the labor abuses committed by the government media to its people. It was broadcasted in UNTV when a former employee of PTV 4 divulged their poor condition as workers in the government TV network.

Watch it here:


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Their salary is low, most of them are not regular, no benefits and the like. These problems have not been solved by Sec. Andanar being the head of the PCOO for 3 years. Sec. Andanar can't clean its own backyard. And we believe, the other government media are also experiencing similar to this. How can the government media have the courage to report about the end of contractualization when its own people are the number one victims?

Aside from that, PTV 4's signal remains poor and still cannot be reached in many provinces. Many people are still unaware about the existence of PTV 4. PCOO has poor information dissemination campaign about PTV's existence. Most people thought that PTV is just on social media.

If Pres. Duterte knows this, he will surely act and solve this. And only Mr. Tulfo has the ability to tell it directly to our President.

When Mr. Erwin was still in PTV, there were thousands of viewers in PTV's Facebook live. This justifies how majority of the people follow and trust him.

Mr. Tulfo committed mistake on General Bautista's issue, but he already apologized, not once, but twice. His intention was merely to help the poor, but he chose to be humble. He is not perfect as what he said.

Tulfos, including Erwin, are known as someone who can easily be approached by the poor. Kapag inabuso ka at sinaktan ka...what comes first to your mind? Ipa-TULFO na iyan.

Mr. Erwin and the other Tulfos are known for being 'Kakampi ng mga Inaapi'. The party-list they supported, ACT-CIS, had won because of their presence and it only means, majority of the people trust the Tulfos.

Mr. Erwin Tulfo and Pres. Duterte have some similarities, they sometimes have dirty mouths for rapists and addicts, but they have soft hearts for less fortunate individuals.

If Mr. Erwin Tulfo will become the Head of the PCOO (or Office of the Press Secretary), the government media will become more active. If Mr. Erwin Tulfo will lead the agency, the programs of the Duterte administration will be easily disseminated to everyone...the Government media will become more active than ever.

Mr. Erwin Tulfo has been a solid Duterte supporter ever since.

Let's share this and let's push Mr. Erwin to be the next PCOO Secretary!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!