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Renew Production of Citrus Altoids

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    Mars's Citrus Altoids were introduced in 2002, and offered a variety of unique sour flavors. Raspberry, Citrus, Apple, Tangerine, and Mango flavored candies were available in a Fun round tins. Then, around 2010, production was stopped.

    In The years since, these candies have maintained a cult following, with prices on eBay and other websites approaching 100 dollars per tin. Now, fans are forced to spend absurd amounts of money for horribly expired candies.

    We have waited long enough! It's time for a new generation to experience the wonder of Altoid Sours. The Internet is an incredible tool that can spread the word about these unique and flavorful products.

We, the People, urge Mars to restore the production of Altoids Sours. Even a limited run would allow a whole new generation of teens and longtime fans to share in an experience that they have been deprived of. The People are ready for Altoids Sours to return to the pockets, store shelves, and mouths of America.

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