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Adjust and implement the Rent Stabilization Ordinance to all homes in L.A.

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The Rent Stabilization Ordinance is an ordinance in which if you own rental property in the city of L.A, landlords can only raise the rent by 3% every year. The illogical and nugatory concepts of the RSO is the main reason residents are removed from their homes. If you currently live in the City of Los Angeles inhabiting a building built before 1979, you are protected from the increase in rent. Also, homes and apartments built after July, 16, 2007, to replace RSO units, also qualify for the RSO (HCIDLA, 2016). Because of this, individuals who live in homes or apartments buildings built between 1979 and 2007 do not qualify for the RSO, providing the opportunity for landlords to raise the rent to as much as they please, resulting in evictions and displacement.

Often times, people are displaced and evicted from their homes because they could not afford to pay rent due to landlords raising the current rent. “In Los Angeles County, one out of every 80 renters lost their home in 2014, the 20th  highest eviction rate, with 21,700 tenants evicted” (Collins, 2016).

Those who are targets of being displaced from their homes creates problematic issues such as depression, anxiety, heart problems, and other various mental and physical health ailments. Although displacement impacts the lives and well-being of low income residents, small businesses will also be at a disadvantage causing significant damage to our economy.

Residents who are displaced from their homes and who wind up homeless (generally those who are low income) are prone to be affected by mental and physical health issues.  7 Reasons Why Gentrification Hurts Communities of Color, an article written by Patricia Valoy, examines the different consequences of gentrification and how those outcomes negatively impact communities of color. Valory's research suggests that “External problems manifest themselves in mental and physical health issues, such as anxiety and depression, or high blood pressure and heart problems” (Valoy, 2014). People who are removed from their homes encounter mental and physical health problems such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart problems. This is significant because people’s health are put in great danger that can potentially lead to death.

As there are health damages, there are economic damages as well. Businesses without the RSO may expect high rises in rent that can lead to financial problems for business owners, and as this occurs, they can potentially shut down. Josia Huang, the publisher of the article Laundromats Vanish as Gentrification Picks Up, converses about the disappearance of a 17 year old Lucy’s laundromat as well as the departure of many other small businesses in Echo Park. Huang then reveals that “After 17 years of operation, Lucy’s Laundromat will close on Sunday in what customers say is a telltale sign of gentrification... What is disappearing, she said, are discount stores, discount fashion palaces and furniture outlets. What they have in common is that they are independent businesses run by families…’The leases (in Echo Park) have increased so dramatically that these mom 'n pop shops can no longer afford to stick around,’” (Huang, 2016). Since rent is increasing, individuals cannot continue to afford paying the new high cost rent which causes many of the small businesses owned by families living in the community to close down. Because of this, the unemployed individuals may have difficulty searching for a new job, due to this our economy may suffer in the sense that without a job, individuals are unable to pay their taxes. The taxes families and individuals pay is extremely crucial because it generates many public resources that we may be in need of. Taxes goes towards public education, libraries, buildings, roads, etc. With the lack of jobs and the rise in unemployment, there can be a reduction of these vital necessities.

Many people and families face the unfortunate situation where they are removed and kicked out of their homes and businesses due to the abysmal nature of the RSO. They are displaced and disposed of as if they were insignificant, having to surrender pieces of their lives, their jobs and their well being. With rent regulated, the RSO mended, adjusted, and enforced as a policy to the whole city of Los Angeles, people will not have to deal with leaving their homes, the local economy won't be put at risk, and health problems will no longer continue to be of great concern. Do your part in signing this petition so that the RSO can be adjusted and implemented to all homes in the area of Los Angeles.


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