Make Veggie Percy Pigs vegan: Remove the Beeswax (E901)

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M&S made the fantastic move to release a vegetarian version of the most delicious sweet snack on the planet: The Percy Pig. The gelatine was removed, making it miles more delicious, changing that sharp gummy bite into a wonderful, softer tear.

However, as humanity moves forward, so does the need for food production to respond. No longer can these sweets be enjoyed by all, we have another, ever-growing group of people missing out in the joys of this sweet variety: vegans.

Veggie Percies although do not contain gelatine, do indeed contain a byproduct from one of our little fluffy flying friends: the bee. E901 is added into the mixing bowl somewhere, and is better know as beeswax. Some vegans do say that bee products are more on the line of what is animal exploitation and what is not, but regardless of the debate, it would be easier to give it a go without beeswax.

Please M&S, can you either have a crack at trying without E901, or if not shoot me over the recipe and I’ll try it out! We would really appreciate this.

It would be fantastic to take the Percy family forward with this next step toward a cruelty free deliciousness, by removing all animal based ingredients. We will for now, disregard the fact the sweet itself resembles a cute little pig; that’s a discussion for another day...

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