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Stop the Horns!


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中文信息請按  Toronto stopped the horns!  Barrie stopped the horns!  SIGN THIS PETITION; tell Markham Council to stop the horns too!

Today, 12 GO trains pass through Markham daily; this will increase to 40 GO trains daily by 2020.  The train must blow its horn 4 times at every crossing.  This is unacceptable!  Safe alternatives to the horn can be implemented:

  • Pedestrian gates will be installed at each crossing to prevent people from racing across the tracks.
  • Site Lines at each crossing will be improved to ensure train engineers can see danger from further away
  • If danger is present the train engineer is still expected to sound the horn.  Only mandatory horns are eliminated.

Sign the petition!  Be sure that Markham Council knows that horns are unacceptable!  There are safe alternatives.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Mayor, City of Markham
    Frank Scarpitti
  • Deputy Mayor
    Jack Heath
  • Regional Councillor
    Jim Jones
  • Regional Councillor
    Joe Li
  • Regional Councillor
    Nirmala Armstrong
  • Ward 1 Councillor
    Valerie Burke
  • Ward 2 Councillor
    Alan Ho
  • Ward 3 Councillor
    Don Hamilton
  • Ward 4 Councillor
    Karen Rea
  • Ward 5 Councillor
    Colin Campbell
  • Ward 6 Councillor
    Amanda Collucci
  • Ward 7 Councillor
    Logan Kanapathi
  • Ward 8 Councillor
    Alex Chiu

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