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Taking a huge step to stop cyberbullying and racism

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We all are looking to live in a peaceful world .I Adriana Faraz with the help of my lawyer miss Tani felt that we have to take an action against cyberbullying and rasim.its been a while that there is a person named Tannaz Mehraban ,is attacking everyone on social media, and forcing people to pay her money by her paypal account or money changers , you might ask why ,well the answer is she is a transsexual but unlike any of those kind souls she is trying to bully people and abusing them and their religon and country. She claims people of her counrty Iran, are responsible for her life story and what ever happened to her and she is abusing them all the time and asking them for money so she can finally pay for her nose job !!! She calls iranians words such as pigs ,animals and stupid .i believe she is helping racism and we would like you to close her account on Facebook ,Instagram and Youtube. Its so shameful to say but we even believe she is a dark point even in transsexual community . we would like you to take down her accounts such as facebook, instagram, and paypal as we all are so hurt by her rasist words and actions. We believe there are many pure souls in our country Iran which are also transsexual but none of them took any violant action against their people as they are wise enough to see the fault in their body is not people's fault. And they are living among other people even though the society might not be very kind or fair to them but still they are so kind loving and wise to understand and try to stay a great human!

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