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Everyday, (probably) thousands of innocent WhatsApp users are added to WhatsApp groups without their consent. Be it by enthusiastic relatives, controlling bosses, overzealous friends, scammers etc, being grabbed and thrown into a WhatsApp group without your explicit consent is tantamount to DIGITAL KIDNAPPING and is therefore unacceptable. 

It's 2018, humans put a car in space and AI (artificial intelligence) looks just about ready to take most of our there must be a way WhatsApp can add a feature to alert you when someone wants to add you to a group. This alert should include; The name of the person trying to add you to the group, a brief description of what the group is about and the names of 1-5 people in your phone book who are members of that group, THEN give you the option to accept or deny the request.

For WhatsApp users under a guardian, this alert should go to the guardian for him/her to authorize or deny the request..think about pedophiles trying to add young children to unsafe WhatsApp groups. Yikes!!

A WhatsApp account is a sacred part of your digital persona and you should have a right to accept or refuse to be a member of a WhatsApp group. It's called personal space, privacy, freedom of choice etc.

WE NEED THIS CHANGE NOW. TOMORROW IS TOO FAR!...and the AI thingy bots might be running the world by then!!!

Sign this petition NOW! to make WhatsApp a safer place for you, me, our young ones (WhatsApplings) and future generations.. human or AI bots alike.